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Upper Timing Cover leak

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I've been wrenching on my fiance's 2008 New Beetle (2.5L, Convertible, Automatic, Engine Code BPS) and believe I have found that the upper timing chain cover (07K109283E) is leaking (as well as a couple other leaks, but those have been fixed without issue). After a lot of sleuthing, I can't seem to find much information as to replacing this gasket, or if I'm to just use RTV. The gasket doesn't seem to exist on any of the parts websites I've been searching, and the basic Google/YouTube searches haven't yielded me much information either. I'm currently awaiting my erWin subscription to go through so I can download the manual for this vehicle.

I know that I can likely just use RTV (if done properly) either way, but if there is a proper gasket I can purchase and use, I prefer to go this route. Additionally, if anyone has experience with this specific issue, I'd love some advice on the replacement.


This is the Upper Timing Cover I am referring to.


This is it removed from the vehicle. The gasket in question is the green outline. The area marked red is where the leak seems to originate.
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VW typically uses their spec sealant; for things like the timing chain cover and oil pan.

All I am seeing in the service manual; is the r/r of the oil seal:

Audi VW Silicone Sealant - Genuine Audi VW D176404M2 is typically recommended from VW.

For a more affordable equivalent VW spec sealer; I have used Elring and Victor Reinz sealers with excellent results.

Elring Dirko Grey: Silicone Gasket Maker - Elring 510.030

Victor Rinz: Reinzosil:
VICTOR REINZ Sealing Compound D176404M2 / 70-31414-10

Other Part Number:D176404M2 / 703141410 / 703141410Manufacturer Part Number:D 176 404 M2-1
Part Type:Engine SealantInterchange Part Number:D176404M2 / 70-31414-10 / 703141410

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