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First off VW and a lot of people want the transmission removed for this, however if your techincally smart you'll be fine.

Ok remove the battery and intake.

under the top radiator hose and next to the throttle body is the vaccuum pump.

there are 3 10mm bolts that hold it on.

but before you do this, remove the transmission shift linkage the rod and the actual peice on the trans that shifts the car(one nut and wiggle it up)

On the vaccuum pump there are 4 t-20 hex bolts.
Remove those and set metal plate aside. be careful of the little orange gasket.

inside the pump will be a circle with a rectangle bar in it. Remove the bar

now undo the 10mm bolts.

wiggle the pump off playing with it so the circle inside the pump goes onto the transmission shift rod. it will come off at an angle

On the back of the pump is a gasket.

I cleaned mine up and used black RTV thick and let dry before putting on.Reverse to install. I also cleaned up the surfaces of everything when I dissassembled and RTV'd everything. Works Greeeeeat.
I had pics but broke that phone.

Don't worry about the transmission linkage as it is slotted to fit one way but I did mark it and took a picture of it before removal to make sure it was aligned right during install
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