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Vacumn pump replacement

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Hi all. 2006 with 35000 miles, one owner maintained by the book by the dealer. Car developed an transmission pan gasket leak, and while at the dealer it was notice that the vacumn pump was leaking fluid. Service writer claims that this should be addressed as it could affect braking and transmission performance. NOTE: In the state I am a resident of (WASHINGTON) the following applies: The consumer MUST request that the repair facility retain the replaced parts to show the consumer AT THE TIME OF THE REPAIR AUTHORIZATION. At the end of the day,the old pump was not available to look at. According to the shop foreman, the pump failure is an o-ring seal and not mechanical in nature. The pump is lubricated by engine oil. Since the pump is buried in the car, labor is unreal. Pump is around $250,labor is around $1400. Since the car has been returned, the MPG has been substantially less (Vacumn leak somewhere). Anyone else experienced this pump failure??
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Omg the dealer is telling me the same thing. After I had a diagnostic test done a few weeks ago they told me it was the valve cover that caused the check engine light to come on. So on Saturday I had the valve cover replaced and ever since the car smells like burning plastic and so much white smoke coming from the tail pipe that it is shame. Take the car back and of course they rip me off a again by saying the engine is dirty and that they want to do another diagnostic test. This time they say the vacuum pump is leaking oil? I just don't understand why I smell burning plastic and don't smell oil. I really believe the dealer screwed up my car. Should be no reason why white smoke is coming from tail pipe. Sorry for my venting!
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