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Vacuum hose mystery 98 2.0 gas

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For the life of me, I can't find where this should go!it comes off of the bottom of what I think is an IAC motor, but I don't know for sure. The big picture shows the length, and general area where it must belong. Thhe close up shows where the other end goes. I looked over the vacuum diagram, but it's vague at best. Anyone? Pictures of the ends destination would be great.


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Got any trouble codes? Have you pulled off the engine cover and looked for anything vacuum oriented, unhooked?
I did have the cover off, I didn't see anything. No code reader, i'll have to stop at oreilly's and see what comes up. The light for the CEL is partially broken, it's just a single dot of orange where that should be. It gets 30- 30.5. Mpg on 87 with 10% ethanol. I won't run any of the higher blends.
According to the Bentley manual: the valve with the two hoses connected to it; is the secondary air injection solenoid valve. The top hose, goes to the combi valve and the bottom connects to the brake booster.

So, based on your picture; your loose hose, is on the bottom? Thus, it should connect to the brake booster?

With this hose removed; it is possible the secondary air injection system would not work correctly and it may be throwing a trouble code. Something like this:

16795/P0411/001041 - Secondary Air Injection System: Incorrect Flow Detected


Be sure to check the ends of the hoses; to see if they are brittle and/or cracked. If you have enough extra length; cut off some of the end, to remove the racked, frayed section and that will give you a fresh new end. If there is not enough length; you might replace the whole hose or section it out with a plastic hose connector and more hose.

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Thanks for the help, by following the vacuum line off the brake booster, the line fit the out port on the one way vacuum valve. It was facing the firewall, so I never did see it, I felt it. That made the CEL go out after a few miles too. So thanks a ton!
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