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Hello all! I am a new user and recently got a used 2002 beetle (2.0L) a month or two ago. Upon opening up the hood, I diagnosed myself that it needed a new throttle body (later on, a mechanic confirmed it upon inspection). While replacing the throttle body, my brute self must have gotten excited and snapped a 3 way vacuum line that connects the throttle body to the evap purge valve after going under the intake manifold.

Displayed below is the picture from another website. My engine is cleaner than this, but for illustrative purposes (ignore the arrows), the part outlined in red was snapped. My problem is, finding the replacement part online. There are no genuine names out there for the part and the local auto parts store has no idea where to get the item.


I was wondering if this wonderful forum could help me out on this! Here is a video I uploaded of the actual part taken out and shown on camera.

To make things even easier, I found an item that looks exactly like my part in this link yet they are out of stock and it doesn't seem to be for my model...
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