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So I got THE CALL from the wife telling me that her Beetle "beeps and a red thermometer" is flashing. I picked up some G12 from a local dealer and went over. Opened the coolant surge tank and noticed it was bone dry. I put in about half a gallon of distilled water to check for a potential leak. It went right to the ground.

After getting under the car, I quickly diagnosed a totally loose radiator hose that jumped off its socket just under the intake manifold. Absolutely impossible to see that from above and a total PITA to get it back on.

Since I was already in the guts of the car, I took the air box off to get a better view of what else is going on with the Beetle (I apologize but I'm not very familiar with the terms of this board):

  1. The inside of the duct *after* between MAF and throttle body is quite dusty, is that normal?! Air filter doesn't look too bad.
  2. The brake booster vacuum line and elbow (engine side) were so brittle that they disintegrated at a mere touch - I used duct tape for a temp fix until I can replace it.
  3. The vacuum (I think you guys refer to it as a breather line) line going from intake duct before the throttle body featured an impressive degree of dry rot. I used more duct tape for a temporary fix. The car is operated in a very hot environment (~100F) and I do realise that's bad for plastic. What are you guys using to make that better or are you just replacing the lines frequently?
  4. When checking the coolant purge line for good flow I noticed that the A/C had a huge delay before becoming effective (maybe 3+ minutes) and the fans are noisy as hell. The setting in the video is idle engine and lowest A/C setting. Is that normal (see video here: '06 Beetle 2.5L Radiator Fan Noise - YouTube )?


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