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It's been a long time since the original VCDS locator thread was posted, and as such A LOT has changed and a majority of the links no longer work. As such, I have decided to make a new list with updated information.

Currently there is only one working VCDS listing that is updated by a member on the Vortex. This morning I created a new one using Google Forms & Fusion tables. It is currently bare, but it's new. Once the form is filled out, your information should be automatically added to the map, if it doesn't PM me and I'll get it updated. All links are below.

New Google map
Google Fusion VCDS Locator: VCDS Locator Map
Form to submit your information: Add yourself to VCDS Locator Map

NB.org VCDS sharing thread

Vortex Map
Maptive VCDS locator: VAG-COM Diagnostic Service Locator
Vortex link for updates: VWVortex.com - Vag-Com Locator

Fault Codes:
Category:Fault Codes - Ross-Tech Wiki
VW Online Technical Library - Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) Tables

Buy a VCDS
Ross-Tech: Home
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