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Very Little or slow forward motion, NO acceleration, 1.8T 5speed, Beetle. I need a viable solution or direction please.

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I'm new to the Beetle world. I'm a Ford guy with a new Beetle in the family now. Since purchasing the car I have been following and researching from this forum. It has been very resourceful.... But now I have an issue I can't find a solution for. This is long but I want to answer your questions before you ask them. Thanks in advance.
Does anyone know how to fix this issue I'm having with my 2000 1.8T, 5 speed Bug? The gear oil had been leaking, I sealed the leak, it didn't leak when this issue started. HOWEVER, of the 2 liters that was supposed to be in there, there was only about liter. Last week the car just lost almost all forward motion. Which is when and why i changed the gear oil. Now It starts like normal (2 or 3 tries and it starts, it always sputters out the first or 2nd try) revs like normal, idles normal... but barely moves. 5 MPH @ 2500 RPM in first. I can rev higher but it doesn't move any faster. When I changed the gear oil i used synthetic 75w90 GL4 . I've replaced the MAF (i didn't use a BOSCH replacement it didn't have a BOSCH prior). The Air filter is new. I've cleaned the TPS and im waiting on new coil packs to come in. At first there were no codes at all or warning lights. After changing the MAF the Check Engine, EPC, Temp, and the ASR/ESP lights came on. I also got a P0102 code MAF low pressure and a pending coolant sensor code. After driving it and letting it warm up a little the Temp light went off. Still little to no forward motion. Has anyone been through this or solved this problem?
This is a Florida Central Florida Bug if anyone has a VW code reader and they want to lend a Bug Novice a hand.
I've read that it may be MAF sensor the camshaft sensor or the temp sensors or that the temp sensor may be wet or the pump or the TPS or that its in "Limp Mode". Which is a lot of places to start but I've have yet to read of anyone's solution. Granted all situatios are different but someone's solution is a great place to start.
I need valid solutions.
Again, Thank you all (y)
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I've cleaned the throttle body. It Starts on the first try now but there's still very little forward motion. I'm going to let it get cold to see if that's because it was slightly warm or if the cleaning did the trick.
remember, no matter what it looks like and how much carbon you see, once it's off clean it. Make sure you already have the gasket and the cleaner. I used mass air cleaner, a soft rag and a toothbrush. Don't move the butterfly and don't spray into the body itself. Take your time. Do it until there is no carbon residue. Make sure to clean the matting surfaces well.
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BTW, the only warning lights on now are check engine and the temp light. I still get the same codes. I noticed the clamp on the MAF hose is now broken... going to change it and get that temp sensor.
Changed temp sensor and clamp. Check engine light went off, temp light still on.
No change in forward motion. Disconnected battery to try to clear all saved sensor issues and reset ECM.
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