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30 September 2005
New engine family improves efficiency

Wolfsburg - The Volkswagen Group is developing a new family of 4-cylinder TDI engines in the context of a modular strategy which will prepare the diesel engines for future, more stringent regulations as well as for world-wide service.

With this effort, Volkswagen confirms its leading position in the field of TDI engines.

The engines will first be used in 2007 and, with a total capacity of more than 2 million engines per year, will replace the current 3 and 4-cylinder engines in the medium term.

This new generation of engines further increases the advantages of today’s diesels in regard to efficiency, environment and performance with high levels of synergy and offers the customers the most modern TDI engine technology at attractive prices.

source: Volkswagen AG press release


This is just a tiny snippit of a press release from Volkswagen, so I'm sure we can expect more details in the near future. This press release refers to the new TDI lineup that Len Hunt referred to in the recent Volkswagen Alpha Driver webcast, and it's supposed to be a cutting-edge lineup.

This could be high impact for us. With the ultra low sulpher diesel requirements (whenever they finally get passed) on the horizon, and that this new generation of engines will probably meet even the stringent (read: California) US emissions standards, means that we'll probably be seeing these TDI engines Stateside, and likely across the range. In fact, if the New Beetle got the 2.5l I5 from the Jetta to replace the aging 2.0l I4, I can see the new TDI replacing the 1.9l TDI that's been in the Beetle since the beginning.
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