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VW extends catalytic converter warranty

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Just got a letter from VWoA. VW's going to extend the warranty on all 1999-2001 2.0 Golfs, Jettas, and New Beetles. and 1999-2000 GTIs. For 10 years or 120,000 miles. Here's a jist of what it says. "Volkswagen has determined that under certain conditions, production deficiencies affecting the catalytic converter on your vehicle could make it susceptible to damage. If this happens, you may hear a readily recognizable rattling noise coming from under your vehicle in the area of the converter and the MIL light on the instrument cluster may illuminate. In some locales, an illuminated malfunction indicator light could cause your vehicle to fail a smog check program, and your vehicle registration application could be denied. Additionally, a malfunctiong catalytic converter may adversley affect teh driveability of your vehicle." VW will diagnose and replace the catalytic converter if necessary without charge as long as the vehicle remains within the time and mileage limits of the warranty extension. It only covers diagnosis and replacement of the catalytic converter only. VW will reimburse if you've had to replace your converter too. It's funny cause I've got the same problem with Elwood and I thought it was the mid muffler, so I guess Elwood's going to get a new cat and his Magnaflow exhaust. Hope this helps gang. :)
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I got my catalytic converter warranty letter a few weeks ago. A question for you guys that had catalytic converter problems:

Is the rattling sound consistent? I've been hearing rattling noises under my car for a couple of months now, but it's not consistent. I usually, hear rattling when I accelerate from a complete stop. For example: I drive for 30-40mph, stop at a red light, wait a few minutes at the light, then when I accelerate I hear the noise. After accelerating for a seconds, the rattling sound goes away and everything sounds normal. :confused:

In addition, I'm not certain if the sound is coming from the middle of the car (catalytic location) or from the front passenger side wheel. I think it's coming from the front right wheel, but the sound doesn't remain long enough for me to pin point the exact location.

Unlike Herbie3Rivers, I don't hear rattling at low speeds.

FYI, it's a 99 NB and the brakes hasn't been changed yet. On my last oil change, I had the dealer check my pads and I had 30% rear and 50% front. I don't drive the car much, so it only has around 35K and hence the brakes hasn't been replaced.

Any ideas? :(
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Hey guys, this morning I recorded the "rattling/grinding" sound I keep hearing under my bug during acceleration (from a complete stop as mentioned previously). If you have time, please listen to it and let know if it sounds familiar.

Basically, in a empty lot, I drove 20-35mph, stopped for 2 min (to simulate stopping at a red light), then accelerate again.

You should hear the "rattling" at the beginning of each acceleration, but it goes away soon after. The sound is distinct and you should be able to distinguish it from the normal engine/exhaust. I edited the sound to include four samples.

Sound Sample (25sec):

Right-Click and save-as
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