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Volkswagen Will Present The Microbus Camper At CES, Report Says

14 years later with Volkswagen still thinking whether they should do it, or not. A little late there, bud. In Volkswagen’s defense, the German car maker always had a direct successor to the T1/T2 Microbus, called the Transporter, or Multivan, or Caravelle, or whatever. So, bringing another life style-oriented, youth-appealing, “van-thing” on the market was – maybe – a little risky.

But nowadays, when apparently the plethora of body-styles to choose from still doesn’t satisfy the average consumer, Volkswagen has a chance with the Microbus. That’s why, according to Autocar magazine, the Germans plan to reveal an updated variant of their Microbus camper van concept in January, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
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