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VW tells dealers to stop selling 4 models

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DETROIT -- Volkswagen is telling U.S. dealers to stop selling its most popular cars until transmission fluid leaks can be fixed.

The order covers about 25,000 Jetta, Passat, Beetle and Beetle convertible models equipped with 1.8-liter, four-cylinder engines and automatic transmissions, spokesman Scott Vazin said Wednesday. They were built after Feb. 1.

An "O-ring" that links a transmission fluid line to a cooler can fail and cause leaks, potentially causing a fire. Vazin says no fires or crashes have been reported. VW plans to replace the defective parts.

About half the cars remain on dealer lots. Vazin says VW is working with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on how to fix the cars that have been sold.

He says owners with questions about their cars should contact their dealers.

Vazin expects parts to be available to make the repairs in two weeks or less. The simple repairs should take about a half-hour, Vazin says.

The stop-sale order was first reported by the trade publication Automotive News.

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time for the Germans to hire a Japanese guy to make their transmissions. Worked for Toyota for more than a decade and really never had any problems with the exception of the 5.0 head-gaskets which Toyota covered on recall regardless of years on road or mileage on vehicle.
No Big Deal

A 5¢ defective batch of O-rings made it through to the production line. No big deal. They caught it before any mishaps occurred and are going to fix them all free of charge.

Cars are machines designed, built and inspected by human beings. Things happen. At least VW is taking care of the problem before anyone was killed or injured and not sweeping it under the rug like a couple other major automakers have done recently.

Good for VW in getting on-top of this early!!! Proactive, honest approach is a good one :)
Yes sir. Just ask the kings of recall GM and Toyota what not being honest and hiding the truth can cost you in reputation. So glad we have German cars.

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