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VW valve body-is this in the ballpark?

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I have a 2007 new beetle with 134,000 miles. It has been having increasing difficulty shifting up into second gear (and downshifting). Unfortunately I do a lot of stop/start city driving. It can clunk really hard as it shifts. I took it to a shop that exclusively works on transmissions. I was told that most likely the valve body would need replaced and their estimate for doing this is $1600-1700. Does this seem within normal range? They said the price of parts has been increasing...
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I have not checked the prices lately, but you/the shop should be able to get a rebuilt valve body for around $500 +/- maybe $50.

Last I was aware a NEW valve body from VW was around $700, cannot recall if this was wholesale or list price.

As for the labor to swap the valve body and replace the filter and fluid, at MOST it should be 4 hours. I think I can do this on my back in the driveway in around 3 hours or less without air tools and only doing this type of job 2 times.

I would shop it around as I would think the price seems a bit high to me, I would say a fair price would be in the $900-$1100 range depending on where you are located and the local labor rates.

Please tell us what city and state you are located in.

Also advise if you thing you could DIY.

Also I am assuming this is a 6 speed Tiptronic automatic, if not, please note the transmission speeds/model.
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