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Vw_Lover89's 1999 Red New Beetle

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I finally got a New Beetle...Its not my dream beetle but its a beetle which I always wanted since they first came out in '98. I bought this one in November 2007 which was my first car ever and I enjoy driving it all the time. Here are photographs I took and hope you like them. Weirdly I don't know what trim this car is....It could be a GLS or GL...It has the GLS wheels, and fog lamps that come wit the GLS but dosen't have a moonroof like the GL's don't. On the papers it just says 'New Beetle'.

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Looks great for a '99! Congratulation! :party:

Welcome to the Org! :wave2:
Its a GLS. Sunroofs were offered as an option on GLS models but were standard on the GLX trim.

Anyway, get that air freshener away from your vent. I know you probably like it, but the oils will break down the 'soft touch' rubber coating on the dash over time.

Oh, and welcome to the site. :)
You have my cars twin sister.:)
Welcome to the nuthouse. :crazy:
Very nice beetle! you can find info out with your vin number all you have to do is call VW and they will tell you anything you want to know about it!
Great looking Beetle!

What are your plans for it? Does it have a name yet?

I really dig the Econoline too! :crazy:
go bug go, i rock the tape adapter too!
Sweetness! Glad you finally got it!

It is indeed a GLS. GLs didn't have foglights, plus you've got power windows. My GL still has cranks! :eek:

Thanks for posting those great pics! Now I'll echo Al...

What are your plans for it? And has the name come to you yet?

Happy motoring!
Recent Photos

Nothing has changed yet, although looking to get my back window tinted soon...

I parked next to another beetle, mine is a 1999, the other is a 2002, can you tell apart? lol

This is downtown Sacramento!

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Great looking NB! :D
Nice bug you have !! :goodjob:
Are you going to fix, or sell it?
Great looking 99! I have my third NB, a 99 and I must say, I love it! Due to taking early retirement, I had to get something with no payment, So Ernie came along. I have kept Ernie stock for the most part.
Very nice car. I like the red color a lot. Interior and exterior, both are decent.
I also have a red 1998. In real life, that lipstick color really pops out.
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