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hi all!
well my nb is up and running (for now!) but today there was a major storm. it's really cold! as a smoker i enjoy smoking to soothe my tattered nerves while driving in white out conditions to and from work with behavioural children, so you can see why i need to smoke now and then!
today something strange happened...
i had the window down about two inches and then when the time came to put the window back up i hit the switch and the window went down! i took my finger off the switch and it stopped. i pushed up again and up it went, but slower than my grandmother is at getting out of a chair after hip replacement surgery.
so i tested it again.
same thing.
any advice or input?
i'm not in the mood to fiddle with the car after the whole electrical system went, but it's jarring to say the least to get a faceful of snow when one expects the window to just go up!

Eine Kleine Panzer
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Hrrrm, could be weather related or it could be switch related. Have you tried to do it again??? Do you know if the window regulator (recall) was performed on your car??

If it happens again I would investigate a new switch. Eeyore made a thread about replacing the part which is very cheap. If you can't find the thread on the new forums, check the old forums.

If you roll the window down and hear a pop and the window refuses to budge, then the recall mentioned above is the problem. Good luck.
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