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NB Dilemma

  • Keep it stock and wait for the R32/36

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  • Put the upgrades on it and enjoy !!

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2004 Reflex Silver Beetle
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Been thinking about doing some upgrade work on my '04 NB this spring or keeping it mostly stock and trading it in early 07 for the MKV R32(36) Golf.
Upgrades to the NB would probably be wheels, exhaust, and brakes, so far the only things done have been f/r speakers, and the XM MyFi install.
My worry is that adding to much to the car I won't get a return on it when/if I trade it for the R32.
I am definitely getting the new R32 in early 07, I am looking forward to the all wheel drive and the increase in horsepower.
Not that I don't love my NB, it gets me where/when I want, and it looks good doing so.
The urge to upgrade it is very strong - but may have to temper it for awhile.
What do you guys think ?? And please tell me why.

DK :cool:

2005 R2K 1st '02 MOD STK
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Do it!

I say do it, because there are not that many tuner beetles out there. Mine is always getting compliments. Just keep in mind that if you are planing on trading it in make sure you keep all your OEM parts that you remove. So that way you can take your car back to stock when you trade it in. You will not get anything for what you put into it so make sure it is all removable or consider it a lost investment. In fact, if you do decide to trade it in and leave all your accessories on it, then it will actually lower the value of your car. On the other hand if you sell your car yourself and find the right buyer you should get most of what you invested back. I have a lot of accessories on my car, and it even won first place at the 2005 Roswell show in the '02 Modified Stock class. But trust me, I can and will put it back to stock if I ever trade it in. Everything is removable even the graphics. Just keep in mind that if you sell it yourself it is a good investment, if you trade it in then make sure it is all removable!! I hope this helps, feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

P.S. You can find almost everything you could ever want for your bug on Ebay, I did!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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