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WANTED: 1998 Beetle Splash Guards (plus more.. Radio, Cup Holder, Vent, Hubs, etc)

Looking to buy some Splash Guards for the bottom of my bug, anybody happen to be parting out a bug that has them still? All of mine fell off.. since they're all connected.
Will give them a great home. :)

Also looking for cup holders

and maybe a new radio if anyone has a reasonable priced one. (must have USB and bluetooth though please!)

AND and and

Hub Caps. (The round ones, with VW logo in the middle of them. For some reason the VW logo keeps falling off of mine.. (Has happened to two sets to me now.)


Edit: ALSO looking for

Vent ? (I broke one of my vent switches that close/open the vent to air flow.. Are these even removable? I mean, separately?)

Heat Shield

think that's it for now.. Thanks!
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