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Hello! I'm relatively new to this website but I love to read all the posts. I'm a VW girl - all I've ever driven. 85 Jetta, 86 Cabriolet, 93 Cabriolet Final Edition, 2002 Cabrio GLX.

I've never had a Beetle yet, but I have been searching for a 2010 Final Edition Convertible for about a year. I have found so many but there always seems to be something wrong with them. If you know of any for sale, I would love it if you could pass it along. I found one with 107K miles but that seems a bit high for me. I also found one with 29K miles but its a private sale and they won't budge on the inflated price. (I'm hoping they get tired of it an decide to haggle a bit). I'm in the Midwest.

Thank you Beetle owners! If I did something wrong or posted in the wrong place - simply let me know. THANK YOU! ?


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