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WANTED: Crawler Style Bra

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Hello Everyone!

I'm new to this forum since I just recently purchased myself an '02 NB tdi. I've done a lotta reading on here but this is my first posting.

I'm looking for a crawler style bra that will fit my '02 NB. I know a lotta you guys don't like bras, but I think it would look nice on my dark gray beetle, especially since the bumper is pretty scuffed up already. I went to purchase one from carbras.com and was notified that they have lost the pattern and that they are discontinuing the product:confused:. I know, doesn't make any sense to me either :mad:. I've already PM'ed crazy_mofo because I saw he had one he was trying to sell a couple of years ago. Please let me know if any of you guys have any crawlers you'd like to get rid of.

Thanks for everything, JS
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Antione, how did you get the bra to fit so well on Marvin? I just got one and it seems that the sides right above the headlights like to sag. Any tips on making it fit perfect? It doesn't bother me too much, but it's more obvious on a silver beetle.

you can kinda see how it sags and doesn't quite fit around the blinker or headlight just right.
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