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washing micro fiber towl

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hey what should i wash my microfiber towl with?
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You can wash it normally. Just make sure you do NOT dry it with a sheet of fabric softener. If in doubt, read the tag.
Yeah, I've put all of mine in the laundry with everything else, but I usually let it air dry after that, or put it in the dryer by itself with no heat.
I washed a crapload of microfiber towels this weekend repeatedly as needed. I went through about a dozen at a time on my detailing. I washed them in warm water in the regular cycle with regular soap. I dried them normal with no fabrich softener sheet. They were nice and staticky too to pick up dust. I bought like a 20 pack at target for about $8. Good stuff.
Also interesting about MF towels....

If you have dry flaky skin on your hands, as i did from all the chemicals i as using to clean the car and from and washing repeatedly, the MF towels will kinda cling to your hand and grab onto any flaky bits.

Weird, i know, but it's kinda interesting.
Hiya Nick! Where ya been? I'm cleaning my car this weekend so I gotta wash all my rags/cloths. A friend from church has a Golf so we're going to wash her Golf, my beetle and my mom's Mitsubishi Lancer this Saturday - fun! I'll be at the VW meeting next week.

ill be at the one next week too
Cool! See ya there!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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