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Water Leak at front windows

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Has anyone else experienced water leaking on the door windows where the side view mirrors are mounted (at the top)? When washing my car I have noticed that when I rinse the soap off the door windows it leaks. I am not spraying the water in a hard stream either. I just picked it up from the dealer a few days ago after they replaced both door weatherstrip for this issue and it did not correct it.
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If its still under warranty; return it to them asap, have them fix it or try another vw dealer... that has a better service dept. You might; want to call VW Customer Care, to have the problem documented... in case this problem get drawn out and not resolved. Let us know; how things turn out, for you! :cool:
Ask the dealership if they have a water leak sppecialist, my local dealer outsources to a guy for all sunroof leaks / water coming into the car anywhere.
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