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Hi! I have a 2004 new beetle convertible. I am having some issues with it.
  • after it rained, when i take my car, whenever i turn either left or right, water is coming ( more like a shower) from the top part where the roof attached to the frame. The water is pouring from both extremities? Is there a drain? What do I need to undo to get to it? Or is there something else?
  • the interior is leather, the leather is getting of the door panels, what is the best product to put them back( I have tried some glue but no success)
  • driver’s window is going up and down while driving?
  • finally I need to change all speakers, any suggestion? As some are quite hard to get at, I might just change the ones in the doors?

So, that is it! Hopefully someone will be able and kind enough to help me, And by the the way I am in Québec, Canada. Thank you, and I am very glad to have found this community. I love my New Beetle Convertible (Aqua Blue)
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