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Hey everyone,

So this weird thing happened to me while I was on my way to my local VW dealer to pick up a new oil filter. Before I arrived at the dealer I had the battery/alternator red warning indicator come up on my cluster, (this also happened a couple nights ago with the radio and headlights on, and was gone after some high rpm driving.) the light stayed on this time.

I pulled in to the parking lot and turned off the engine only to realize my sunroof was open and my windows were down. I closed all windows and the sunroof on accessory power and during the last couple seconds, I felt the battery voltage dropping as windows were barely creeping up.

I got back in the car and cranked, it was a very weak crank but the engine fired up and I drove away. After 2-3kms of driving I had the check engine and spoiler indicator light come up. I kept driving in the hopes of charging my battery, after another kilometre or so later I had the ABS and traction control and airbag lights come up, I didn't worry because I felt this might be caused by low battery voltage. 10 seconds later, the cluster stopped working (the tacho and speedo was stuck showing previous information and not updating) and the car started bogging down and finally stalled (I assume drive by wire quit on me as the throttle response was gone) I tried cranking again and no luck. Then one of my fellow VW friends jumped the battery and the car ran for 10 seconds and had the same problem again (bogging down and stalling) We charged the battery for 20 mins and cranked again. Everything worked fine with no warning lights on. I drove the car back home without any further issues. The car is now parked.

Here's how the cluster looked after it stalled on its own (power still on engine off)

And this is how it looked when the key was out

Sorry for the long post and looking forward for any inputs on how I can fix this issue. I tried to provide as much information as I could. Please let me know if you guys need any more info on this.

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