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Weird Starting Issue - First Try No, Every Time After Starts Right Up

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I have a 2005 2 liter non turbo NB coupe and it was been having a weird starting issue for some time. If I go to start it in the morning it will turn over forever without catching on the first try if I hold the key. However, if I try to start it and it doesn't catch and then I pull the key back and try to start it again, it starts right up. From that point on during the day it has no problem starting on the first try.

I replaced the battery before last winter because I though it might not have enough power, so it's not a discharging issue. Any clue what could be causing this?
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My first thought would be the ignition switch, the mechanical tumbler or the middle barrel assembly; I would scan the car for trouble codes and see what they are. Ignition switches are a pretty easy replacement and are not that expensive; you can remove the ignition switch and try to turn the switch with a screwdriver (also check to see if the plug/wires to the switch, are melted; which is a common problem). If the problems go away; then the barrel or tumbler are messed up. If the problem is still there, then I would try replacing the switch and see how it works with a new one.

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