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Hey NewBeetlers,

Happy New Year!

I got a call from from a gentleman wanting to schedule in a Porsche to get detailed for storage. He hadn't had time to bring it in earlier and with a little opening in the weather he wanted to do it quickly before the next heavy snowfall. I got no description of the Porsche, what model, the color that it was, to me it was just another storage detail. We figured out a date and confirmed our availabilities.

Imagine my shock when I came in the morning to find a 996 GT3 on BBS LMs, factory roll bar, and Recaro factory seats, waiting outside my shop door!!!!

I love the color! And the LMs are perfect on it!

As usual wheels first

Scrubbing inside the wheel well

LMs all clean and sexy

2 Bucket Method. The bucket on the left is the water bucket. It has soap in it already because I forgot to take the picture first before we started washing.


Rinsing. We were so happy to have this car in the shop we parked it sideways. Hahaha

After washing and drying with a microfiber towel we went straight into waxing

Wax applied to the paint as uniformly as possible

Left to cure for about half an hour

Then wiped off with tender loving care

Moving on to the interior we start with vacuuming

We removed the seat cushions to vacuum everywhere

I'm glad we had these extensions to reach in the tight areas behind the roll bar

Next up was dusting out all the crevices of build up and a little bit of gunk

I love these seats!!!!


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Finally the last part of the interior clean up, the wipe down.

Hot towel

The roll bar had some stains on it

Even the extinguisher got wiped down

Windows got cleaned

I don't know how he fit in there! That's dedication!

A finishing touch I like to do is clean the pedals

So after making love... errr I mean detailing this beautifully put together GT3 here are the after pics to admire.

Completed interior pics

Did I say I really love these seats?

Complimentary "GT3" shot. Plus I think the carpets look "perfect"

Not sure if I mentioned it before but this was just a detail/clean up for storage. No paint correction. Nonetheless the paint wasn't that bad and the wax added a nice pop.

So on to the finished exterior pics

Oh my!

And finally...

an artsy fartsy shot of me cleaning the interior

I hope you guys enjoyed the write up and all the best in 2014!
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