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I'm bored at work, so I'll make this entertaining to read. If you don't feel like being entertained, here's the punchline. What bulb# do I need for a 2006 New Beetle tail light? Not the turn signal, not the middle light on the spoiler, but the left and right tail lights that get brighter when you tap the brakes.

I have a 2006 New Beetle. I am a compitant person, change my own oil, headlights, head unit installs. I'm no rocket scientist, but I'm not clueless either. Until now.

I have a tail light out. It does not illuminate when the lights are turned on or when I tap the brakes. So I figured...

Step 1: Find out what bulb to buy. (No luck in the manual. No luck doing a google search.) I found a pretty neat site with a lof of cars and light #'s, and they had the beetle, but of course tail light wasn't listed for MY year. Just my luck.

Step 2: Remove the tail light assembly. No issues there.

Step 3: Remove the bulb. Done. Now I know what bulb to buy.

Step 4: Buy a new bulb. Here's where trouble struck.

I was at Advanced Auto Parts with my burnt out bulb and I could not find that bulb anywhere on the shelves. An employee asked if I needed any help as he grabbed the bulb out of my hand and pulled a pack down off the shelf quicker than I could realize what had just happened. He handed it to me and said "That's what ya' need right there". So I bought the bulbs. Before leaving the store I realized that the bulb number on the packaging didn't match the number on the burnt out bulb. Nor did the watts, or volts. I went back to the aisle to find bulbs that had the number on the burnt out bulb but couldn't find anything.

Enter confusion.

After removing the new bulb from the packaging, I noticed the watts and volts printed on the new bulb didn't match what was printed on its packaging. But the specs printed on the new bulb matched the specs printed on the old bulb (volts/watts) but the model numbers were different. Now I am more confused. So I installed the bulb anyway.

Now when I turn on my lights the tail light illuminates, but when I tap the brakes it doesn't get brighter. Obviously that means the bulb is incorrect, unless magically something happened with the wiring in this short amount of time passing. But that is where I'm lost. I can't find a bulb that matches the burnt out bulb. I had the, dare I say, 'bright' idea to swap the new bulb and working old bulb in the left and right tail lights, to see what happens then. That would troubleshoot if its the bulb or something electrical. BUT - I can't get the left side tail light assembly out of the car - only the right side.

So now I have a half working tail light which is better than none. I also have 2 new bulbs that partially match the specs on their packaging, which doesn't match the specs of my burnt out bulb. Yay. Help.
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