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What floor mats to get?

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So my slightly used '99 TDI that I bought, oh about a month ago, did not have any floor mats. :(

Beggers can't be choosers when TDI shopping so I didn't fuss about it.

My budget will allow for one set of floor mats, so being in New England, I'm thinking about Weathertech mats, but no carpet mats underneath.

Or... would it be better to just go with the standard carpet mats, like these?

Thanks for any opinions on the MATter.

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I use the molded mats. My carpets are black, but I use the gray mats for a lighter look. They look nice and will hold water or a spilled drink. Not sure how long it will take for the backing to break down or crack. Anyone have experience with life?
MONSTER mats are on ebay are pretty cheap
herTDI said:
carpet mats are good... for my dog to sit on in the driveway.

but in my car, i cringed every time anyone's shoes weren't perfectly dry... ohhhh mud!

the monster mats are awesome. they just feel like amazing quality, and suck any dirt in--and as mentioned above, SOOO easy to clean. and they look so sharp. :rolleyes:
Looks like a perfect fit!:D
my-blue-beetle said:
MONSTER mats are on ebay are pretty cheap

They are HEAVY and shipping is costly, but they are OH SO worth every penny.
I agree. I thought 90 bux was a lot for floor mats, but I have loved them since the day I put them in. Very very worth the money!
Fowvay said:
I fourth that motion... simply amazing and soooo easy to clean. :)
Don't forget that fresh rubber smell. it's like a fresh injection of new car smell...almost.
Scary graphic you got there.

I've had my monster mats for a while now, and really glad I got them. My floors would be trashed by the winter by now!
i went with mats that were bein sold a walmart i got some for the front and rear floor areas. they fit snuglyl. and they work very well they are effectiv. and fit every well. the only problem was i had to trim for the dead pedal
I just got a set of the Monster mats from the dealer. I was shocked how heavy the box was! They are really heavy duty. I love them!

The front set fit like a dream but the rear set do not cover nearly as well as the stock mats that came with the car. The rear Monster mats are a lot smaller. So I decided to keep the stock rear mats in for now.
I have aluminum diamond cut floormats in my car :D
You can get them for the New Beetle HERE
I would say monster mats are the way to go, but only because I bought OEM mats from the dealer and they don't seem to hold up as well...
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