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What is the switch on top of the windshield wiper switch?

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This might be a stupid question, and I've owned my bug for over 5 years and never even thought about this or noticed it.
On the top of the windshield wiper control switch/rod there is a little switch that seems to do less of something the further left it is, and more of something the further right.

What exactly is this? What does it do? I played with it in my car and it didn't seem to do absolutely anything.
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It's part of the interval wipers, there to set to slow or fast. I toggle mine, if it doesn't swipe enough for me.

There are three settings/clicks on the stalk - down = off, one click up = interval (this is where the toggle comes in), Up = On.

Amd, now you know! :D
The intermittent switch image means this ...

... the narrow end (left) is longer pause between swipes
... the wider end (right) is shorter pause between swipes
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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