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Hi all:

Instead of what we do for work - what would we rather be doing? Hobbies, interests, etc.

Here is stuff I am preoccupied with:

1. VW's and Porsches
2. Personal Finance
3. Bargain shopping (thrift stores, Ebay, yard sales, flea markets, etc.)
4. Reading (Neal Stephenson, John Updike, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Robert Jordan, etc.)
5. Music (play bass & drums, like to listen to Primus, Cake, Beastie Boys, Weezer, Pixies)
6. Pets (Boxer, Chocolate Lab, and 3 cats)

What about you? :)

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I dont have too many preoccupations...

1. My NB
2. My computer
3. Writing
4. Singing
5. Stuff that would probably get me banned :goodjob:
6. Shopping
7. Decorating my apartment
8. Ghost stuff ie; Ghost Hunting ( i know i'm weird)
9. My dog and my cockatiel
Hmmm theres more than I thought.

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The Cheat said:

Typical guy, eh?
Nope...typical guy would have his first 3 needs met within the first 3 numbers.

1) sleep
2) get fed
3) sex

As for me NOT being a typical guy (yeah, marraige does that to you)...In no particular order mind you...

1)Nb.Org and my New beetle...
2)spending time with wife and child...
3)I make soap and candles and sundries, lotions, gift baskets(it's a hobby)
4)Gardening...when it's not snowing...
5)Playing computer simulations..RPG's FPS's...
5)Eat...sleep..and then sex (if the wife is willing):D

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Job security and money money money, which is a new thing for me.

I'm preoccupied with worries that I'll lose my job thru no fault of my own, and so I spend time wondering if my job is secure and trying to figure out how to save up enough cash to live for 6 months while I look for a new job, if need be.

Used to be I didn't care about this stuff at all. :(

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*yoshi ( my new japanese fling:))
*guinness with justin
*japanese horror films

sex fits in there somewhere... my priorities are all screwed up. :D

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1. Spending time with my wife ( this includes the eating, sleeping, talking,& great sex):hugkiss:
1a. Spending time with my kids ( my oldest daughter & I have grown particular close since the divorce):heart:
- Buffy ( my NB):bigthumb:
- Computer & internet ( NB Org time):compute:
- Sports
- Music
- Video games ( all formats as well)
- Scrapbooking ( this goes with my wife, cause I do this with her)

That's all I can think of right now.


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Here are my preoccupations in no order.
Husband (making sure he is happy, fed and still wants me)I'm serious! he was my first "obsession"!
playing with my 3 kids (games,sports etc.)
My beetle Dot ,NBorg and anything beetle.
Anything cybergreen or lime color
Shopping anywhere!
Looking good and staying healthy

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my preoccupations:

* my two birds, mateo (my cockatiel) and oliver (my parakeet).
* all things computers. i spend all day and night on the freakin' internet.
* shopping, esp online (ebay!).
* cell phones!
* crafts...making stuff...
* new beetles...the org! i spend way too much time on here.
* family and friends and coffee.
* sleep. i love sleeping. i wish it was a paying gig.
* nudist colonies.

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my preoccupations are:
1. Michelle... the thing this kid get mad about are so mundane. Then again she's only 6 months old.
2. Brian AKA squeebug
3. the dog
4. getting ready to move (sigh) only 3 months left in Germany
5. Skittle our beloved VB beetle
6. trying to get procrasinators to give answers on crap they want me to do for them.
etc..... etc............
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