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What kind of paint should i use ?

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Hi everyone,

I'm new here. I brought a second hand new beetle. It is my first car in my life :)

I would like to ask you what kind of paint can i use for interior door panels and dash board ?

Help me please :)

Thanks for your advice's.
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You might give Duplicolor a try; very good color match. Widely, available; at most auto parts stores.

https://www.google.com/webhp?source...1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=duplicolor interior paint
Thank you. I will try dupli color paint.

Before painting what i have to do ? How can i clean interior plastic door panel ?

Would you think only sandpaper is enough ?
Are these steps correct for interior door and dash board painting ?

1- Sanding
2- Cleaning with alcohol and soup
3- Priming
4- Painting
5- Drying

Thank you :)
You will have to remove all of the soft touch coating on the plastic parts for the paint to stick.

That coating is what gets sticky and scratches that show on the plastic panels.
search the threads here for was to get the coating off of the plastic.

Welcome to the org.
Hi ! The SEM paint you can find here - SEM Vinyl And Plastic Color Coat - SEM Vinyl Paint - is what I use. ''Presidio'' Is a spot on match to the grey interior color. there is a step of cleaner or prep spry first so look over the site and the recommendations before just buying the color paint. Like mentioned before you will have to remove that crappy soft touch skin from the panels first. I get the SEM paint at the local auto body supply store, perhaps you can try that.
glassbuggy, tell us more about SEM, where you purchased it (is their line, usually only at auto body pro supply stores?) and what your results were, where/what specifically you painted. SEM, seems more expensive then Duplicolor; if the results are superior, it maybe worth the price. I would assume it is a more professional level product; if it auto body supply only. Let us know; more detailed info, about their products! Thanks! :)
Here is a post where I painted the knob of my cupholder. I hit it with a gloss clear and shouldn't have otherwise it would have been correct. scroll to the bottom of the page.

Thank you for suggestions.

I'm trying to find spray paint which are Set or Dupli-color brand.
recently I have seen hardware stores and such selling plastic paint and Lowes has a plastic prep spray and I did do just that with my tail light mod


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For temporary paint plasti dip would be a good idea to use. At least you can remove it anytime.

try 3m vynal wrap from walmart carbon fibre black very easy to use for the dash,take it off and sand all the black crap off,i used a window scraper to get most of it off ,
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