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what spark plugs do I buy for my 2000 2.0 Beetle?

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I don't want wimpy cheap ones that will make my car misfire, I want a good quality OEM spark plugs if possible. If not OEM, I'll buy NGK
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The OEM plugs are NGK BKUR6ET-10. I and others have been using Autolite Double Platinum because it gives the engine better low-end torque. I can run in 5th gear down to 1500 rpm, no problem, but I remember needing around 2000 rpm with the OEM plugs.

Thank you, i was going crazy trying to figure out which plugs i'll try. I think i'll go with the Autolite DP
People bash on E3's, but I run them in my 6.0 V8 and really like them.
I will either run them or some BOSCH Part # 9610 Iridium plugs.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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