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Wife's 01 1.8T mechanic
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My wife is nearing the home stretch on the new car search. That means it will be soon time to put TurboTurbo on the market. It's a 2001 NB Sport. Black on black leather. 1.8T manual trans. Loaded. I believe it has every option that was available. Added CD changer.

Here's the stuff that would go in the ad:

- 122 000 miles
- owned since 2003
- no rust, no body damage
- non smoker
- no pets
- no kids
- all accessories work
- two OEM key fobs
- Castrol Syntec 5W40 changes
- oversized Passat MANN filter each change
- correct G12 coolant, and distilled water since new
- timing belt/water pump/etc done recently
- new rotors and pads
- new tie rods and alignment
- new rear shocks and mounts (OEM)
- new coolant pipe
- new BOSCH aux coolant pump
- new OEM thermostat
- new OEM coolant temp sender
- flex pipe replaced
- new wheel bearings
- new OEM diverter valve
- new platinum plugs
- latest coil pack recall done
- probably more that I have forgotten

I'll find a pic somewhere, but it's identical to this. A black Sport is a rare car. I welcome your thoughts on getting it ready for sale. It's been a great car, and I have learned a lot about VWs taking care of it.

Same car, no tint, no pinstriping.
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