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What's that rattle?

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Just completed some service on my wife's 01 NB Sport. Among other work, I did rear shocks and upper mounts. Shocks because tires were severely cupped, mounts because there was a strange rattle when driving. The rattle is still there. Back left. Not metallic. Random, does not change frequency with increased speed.

My thoughts:
upper shock protective tube
inner fender liner

That's all I can think of. When I had it up on the lift, I poked/prodded/pulled everything I could underneath. Nothing seems loose.

I'm open to ideas. I like to keep my wife happy ;)
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... I'm open to ideas. I like to keep my wife happy ;)
I know what you mean. Can you record the sound?
Have you checked the Rear Axle Beam Bushing; mine are cracked, are yours worn out and loose?
Axle beam bushings are fine. I inspected them closely since I had just done them on my 00 Jetta last month. Billy, I made a tool to install bushings that makes it REALLY easy to press them into place. Cost under ten bucks, and easy to make. LMK if you need details.

Anyways, got it figured out. It was a missing left rear caliper bolt, allowing the caliper and pads to rattle around a bit. Replaced the bolt, all is well. I should note that I believe that bolt is noted "always replace", but it's not because it's TTY, it has locking compound on it when new. I always reinstall it with red Loctite. Perhaps I'll go with new stock next time...
While your here; let us know about your bushing tool or create a new or "diy" thread! I'm sure; everyone is going to have to start doing the rear bushing replacement to their cars! There was someone on one; I think on vwvortex, who was making a tool for awhile... seemed really nice! Although, I wonder; if just something with a threaded rod, would do the trick? I would prefer; to keep the assembly in the car and just get the new bushings in there... in situ. :) I made a little tool; when I did the bushings on my front lower control arms... with excellent results! Let us know; I'm sure everyone could use more info! Thanks! ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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