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Have one with the 18" Twister alloys (tires are 235/45/R18)
on order and did some research since I will be adding the
'Talledega' style Replica wheels that are also 18 X 8. Both
the 'Twisters' and the 'Talladegas' have the same hub center
bore of 57.1 with the only slight difference being the 'offset'.
'Twister' have an ET 48 & 'Talladegas' 45. Both wheels have
the 5 X 112 bolt pattern. The actual bolts are 14 X 1.5 X 27.
Did wonder if I needed to move up to a an 'X 30' bolt because
of the 'slight' 3mm difference in the offsets but the wheel
sellers I spoke to didn't think it would be necessary. I did
find the 'X 30' size listed for Audi and for Porsche as well,
including generic ones too on Ebay. May not see the car until
November because the six speed manual cars seem to be
scheduled behind the other 'automatic' models.
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