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Where does this vacuum line go?

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Just finishing up replacing the control arms and found that when I jacked up the engine to replace the bolt that hits the auto transmission, a mystery vacuum hose became detached:
The vacuum line to the brake booster tees off and runs down past the turbo to something or other??? that has to be close to the master cylinder. I've added it in green on the diagram. It's an AWV 1.8T engine.


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Turns out it connects to the brake vacuum pump which is located below the turbocharger below the body and above the subframe. Access is PITA with the car on axle stands, probably much better with the car on a lift.
Resurecting an oldie

I have been having issues with brakes. I discovered that the vacuum line indicated in Green in the diagram above was cracked on the end. I can't find a part number for that line (it is wrapped in heat shield so I think I might have to use an OEM part). Can anyone help? 03NBC 1.8T AWV motor. For the time being I have taped the end and put a strong clamp on it.
I couldn't find it searching with VW's parts website; you might call your dealer with your VIN #, to get the correct part. I did find this one; 1C0612041AA, it is for the 1.8T New Beetles but I don't know, if it is the same for yours. You might look at your old part; they typically, have the part # imprinted on them.



Found the part

Turns out the part # is 1C0612041AH - 83.21 at Jim Ellis vice 110 at my local dealer.


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I'm glad you found the right part; it looks totally different, than the one on my AWP 1.8T. :eek: I guess the convertibles really do seem to be different; using your VIN #, is always the best way to get the correct parts! :)
The part arrived! And I took a few ganders at how to replace it and decided to just install the Panzer Plate and side skirts I had sitting in the garage. I will have to do some engineering to get the old one out and the new one in. It connects the Booster to a boost pump that sits on top of the subframe - no clearance under the car to get at it. I also have to decide if I will use the Euro clamps (factory ones) or just the screw on ones (easier to get a screw driver into that space than a pair of pliers).
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