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Where is the chassis earth on my beetle 1.8 t

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Hi guys,

Many thanks for your help last time..... New problem with my Bertha Bug..

occasionally my car won't start...needs a few times to turn over...eventually fires up.... This time though the starter motor made a clicking sound...
Many years ago I owned a Vauxhall Nova Sri,newish....and had to bump start it, had new starter motor...alternator...and still did the same problem, till an RAC recovery guy said it was the earth wire to the car that was the problem....bingo he cleaned it....started perfect

Think I have the same problem now

Where is the earth cable that connects to the chassis???

I think it maybe under the left hand headlight.....?!?!?!? How do you access it??? If this is the right one.
Thank you in advance
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under battery

There is one right under the battery tray that tends to get corroded really bad and causes those types of issues. I believe there is another mounted to the transmission from the car chassis and another behind the left headlight. I posted some pictures on a thread a while back of what I found under the battery tray titled caution. good luck man
Cheers... Will look into it over weekend
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