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Depend on what I need. Some parts I use are VW parts, some OEM ( made by supplier to VW) some are aftermarket.

I have used online vw dealers( google vw new beetle parts)

ECS tuning, Duetsche auto parts, Rock auto I have even ordered off of e-bay. Some of the dealers have e bay stores.

The dealer websites have part number searches and can get you the part numbers. then I search that part number on the web and shop price.

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German Auto Parts is a great source.

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For hoses; Gates and Rein/CRP are reproducing many of the common hoses and are allot cheaper than the dealer. Look up your car on the their websites; to see, if they make the ones you need: (sometimes; VW is still, the only supplier for some specific hoses)



Look up the parts you need; on VW's parts website:

Shop Genuine Volkswagen Parts, VW Accessories, and VW DriverGear

Once, you get the correct VW parts your need; many times, amazon will have some of the best prices on the net and if you have prime, even better.

Some other places I like:

Auto Parts at AutohausAZ - OEM Auto Parts - Discount Replacement Parts, Resources and Car Care Tips
Deutsche Auto Parts | Specializing in Volkswagen and Audi Parts and Accessories
Audi Parts - Vw Parts - Audi Parts Vw Parts Kit Company - Blauparts® (in particular for timing belt kits)
BMA Auto Parts
UroTuning | VW, Audi, BMW OEM & Performance Parts (lots of repair kits; performance parts)

performance/upgrade parts/repair kits
VW Diesel Parts | VW Skid Plates | TDI Parts | Dieselgeek (perromance shifters, interior repair kits, panzer plate skid plates, etc)
OEM / Performance Parts for VW, Audi, and Porsche Vehicles- USP Motorsports
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