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Which Gear oil for Transmission?

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How do you know which transmission your NB has? I have a 2004 NB Cabrio 2.0l 8v with the 5-speed manual hydraulic clutch and I'm trying to figure out if I have the Gl-4 or Gl-5 fluid in my tranny?
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I run Redline MT90 in my car (we actually run it in all of our cars). There are several other oils that people run too. Its all a bit subjective really as to what is "best". But you need a GL-4 only fluid, 75w90 weight I believe.
Perfect. Funny you mention redline. I also own a 99 mk4 Golf which has a 50/50 mix of MTL + MT-90. I was just wondering if the newer cars took different fluid.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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