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which pin to disable DRL 06 NB

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Ok I have read post after post on disabling the DRL on the NB. I have an 06 and would like to do this. The switch seems to be an easy way. I will tape the pin or use heat shrink. Problem is there seems to be about 10,000 opinions on which pin to tape. Can someone give a correct without doubt answer for an 06 NB conv.
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It seems that later New Beetles do not have a wire attached to the TFL pin. In that case, it is the "B" pin you need to isolate to disable the DRL. This was the case on my 01, 02, 03, and 06 beetles.
I can tell you this much.......I disabled a pin on the '02 that I used to own. I'm an old guy...I don't remember which pin (though I think it was the "B" pin).....BUT

when I bought the '09 and sold the T-boned '02 for salvage, I merely switched out the headlight switch from the '02 to the '09.

Easy solution for a forgetful old guy.:D
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