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Which wax do you perfer?

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hyakugojyuuichi said:
I had heard a lot of good things about Meguiar's Gold Class. I bought some last year and absolutely hatedthe stuff. It left a oily streaks on the car, that has never happened to me before with any kind of wax. The shine wasn't very good either.:( I re-washed the car with dishsoap and re-waxed it with Zymol. Much better result this time; no streaks, gorgeous deep shine, and the paint felt like silk.:)
Love Zymol, especially that banana smell :)

Recently I have been using what's left of frozen diluted Zymol mixed with car-wash soap to wash the car. Makes for a nice shine after, and I can go a few months or more without having to wax it fully. In fact, thanks for reminding me... I need something for the car for my Christmas Wish List this year!
Die hard Collinite fan here. Carnuaba based and lasts forever. Doesn't stain trim either (Big plus to me). Someone told me or I read somewhere once cheap fillers are what stain trim. I bounce back and forth between Collinite Liquid and their paste.

I hadn't heard of them until I bought a "Wax Test" magazine from http://www.gurureports.org/

If anyone wants to know where their wax stands let me know. I actually bought all 3 of their reports (Wax, Glass Cleaner, & Wheel/Tire Care). The report is a couple of years old so it doesn't have the NXT in it. Zaino did make #1, but frankly I didn't like the application method. I just want to wax and go. And #2 was the P21S, but it didn't seem to last very long, so that is why I went with Collinite. Easy to use (at least for what I am used to) and lasts a long time.
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41 - 43 of 43 Posts
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