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Whistling Noise

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1.6L 2006 Beetle Auto

I have the strangest noise coming from the middle of the engine, sound like near an injector but hard to tell.

Any suggestions ?

I tried uploading an mp4 video with sound but it doesn't see to allow it?
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Video is very shirt; to ascertain the sound but i assume it is the high pitched squeal? You might try isolating things; by removing the accessory belt or putting tension on the belt tensioner, see if the sound changes or if when the belt is removed, removed goes away.

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Yes, I that whistle or high pitch squeal. I it definitely isn't coming from the belts. I sounds like near where the injectors are..about the middle of the engine

Found the noise. Took the upper intake off (will be easier to get some leverage on the o2 sensor I need to remove).
It is coming from the exact spot I thought. Just under the intake there is a pressure release valve, I guess like a pcv.
When I remove the top of it the mechanism inside is broken off.
Hopefully this can be fixed and I don't need to get an entire upper intake.

Anyone know if that can be repaired ?
This is the broken part. There is a pin that should go between the parts that has broke off


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You might check with your vw dealer; many new parts are sold as a whole assembly or try to find a good used part for less?

Here in the states there is a 2.0 L engine and the later engine codes/versions had a plastic intake manifold that has a similar valve to your 1.6L and it breaks or the diaphragm gets old, has a tear, which causes a vacuum leak. Unfortunately we have not found a way to repair them and a new or used one is the only way to fix it, I know they are pretty expensive new from voltkswagen.

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Thanks. I am in Australia, and will look here.
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