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2004 1.8 20VT Convertible Beetle GLS
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Hello. I hope I find you doing well.

I am new here but did go over rules. If I break any. Well... I'm new here and I might need reminding. Just my 1st post is all.

Before you redirect me to tire threads I must say I've searched for a while and have only found non believers.

The leads I have found are of old threads. I'm based in the U.S. and have an 04 convertible GLS 1.8 20VT beetle with 17" alloys.



As the title states I'm in search of compatible white walls. Again most threads I've read have been discouraging but I know it can be done.

Here's a link to an old thread:

I love the look.

Here's another great example I seem to be only able to find on pinterest.

Feast your eyes on this bute of a bug!

Any help is appreciated thank you!

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