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Hi kids...

I checked out that ECS tuning today after Tom and the other nice person raved about it in the other thread and i was totally impressed. They have nice stuff at fair prices.

SO i ask of you all...

Who is YOUR favorite retailer and why?

Things i'm looking for: Value, Reliability, speed, etc.

Basically a review (and a link if possible) would be bangin'.

I would like to recommend TVA (aiwana.com). They always have nice stuff and their staff is really helpful and polite. Once the item ships, it comes on time. My only complaint is their website's lack of photos of the actual items.


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www.tirerack.com Best customer service in the industry.

www.ecstuning.com Great people that love and adore german cars.

www.germanautoparts.com awesome prices, accurate shipping, quality parts... plus they stock tons of oem parts.

Those are my 3 favorite online parts places and I HIGHLY recommend them.

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