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Will 2013/2014 NB headlights fit opening in 2002 NB

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Hi All,

Everytime I see a '14 NB, I wonder if the headlights
will fit in the opening of my '02. The shape looks
close enough. I know the new model lights have a
different clamping/holding mechanism, but, to me,
a good fabricator can make this work.

I'm thinking about buying a pair of junk-yard lights
just for fitment and fabrication purposes.

Has anyone tried fitting the later model lights
to their '98-'05 NB?

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ohmygosh, no. They are way bigger, and totally shaped differently. Not even the 2006-2010 will work. They are huge!

I suppose if you want to fabricate, more power to ya. I personally, would rather have the whole 2014. :wink2:
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