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window issues + random alarm!

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Hey everyone, I've had some issues with my driver side window: it's sticky I guess? It squeaks in the heat (like summer heat) and sometimes begins to roll up, will stop and then roll back down.

So today, I was getting out and when I opened my driver side door the alarm system sounded. I grabbed my keys and tried to hit the panic button to shut it off, but that didn't make it stop, after about a minute it shut off on it's own. Same thing happened when I went out later and opened the driver side door, alarm system sounded! I got some advice in an earlier post saying this may be related to some loose screws underneath the trunk? However, from what I could tell none of them were loose so that didn't really help anything..?

Now, I didn't think these two things were related but after reading this I am starting to think otherwise?

I guess I am just wondering if anyone else has had issues similar to these and what your solutions to them were or if anyone has any ideas!
Thanks in advance :)

(oh and probably should add: I am driving a 2006 NB coupe)
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I have the same problem with the windows on our '06. The '02 doesn't do it.

I took it to the dealer and they lubed the window tracks and it seemed to help, but didn't cure the problem.

FWIW, there is a 'calibration' routine that someone told me about for the auto-reverse. I can't remember, but it goes something like, 'roll the windows all the way down with the key, then all the way up, and finally all the way down again'.

Hopefully someone knows the correct procedure.
Bump. Zoomer started this today. Window rolls about 80% up then stops and rolls back down (or stays where it stopped). I have to open the door, then slam the door and press the button and the window will roll up about half inch ... repeat until completely rolled up... ???

I have the replacement window regulators so?
I had the alarm problem b4

My alarm would go off Sometimes when I opened the door or even when I started the engine lol but this mechanic told me to open the trunk door and shut it real good, it made it stop alarming, dont know what causes it though
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