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Window positioning during door latch repair?

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We are in the process of making the repair described in this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cBfKlya3Zs

The alarm stays armed even when the door is unlocked and as soon as you start it, the horn alarm sounds for 38 honks. You have to disconnect the battery to disarm the alarm.

We are working our way inside to the door latch mechanism so we can do some re-soldering.

The door panel has been removed and everything is disconnected. However, when I look in the big round holes where I should be viewing a part related to the window, nothing is there. According to the video referenced above, at 4:48, he says to roll the window down until you see the screws.

Is he essentially meaning that entire metal mechanism that has the screw in it won't be visible until the window is rolled down? I know that the window is to be taped *up* per what he says at 5:30.

I've got pictures of what I see if I can figure out how to post them.

Can anyone shed light on what I should be seeing / doing in regards to the window?

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Take the tape off, you don't need it yet. You need to roll the window down 4" or so and the clamps will line up with the holes. You will then loosen the clamps enough to free the glass. With the glass loose in the frame, lift it up and tape the glass to the door frame. You will leave the clamps in place so that you can reattach the glass later on.
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