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Window regulator wiring

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I have a 2009 convertible and my window wire frayed and I had to buy a new one. I have it completely installed except for the last wire. Where it connects the wiring is short and no matter how hard I pull even with tools the closest I can get is about a half inch from where it's supposed to connect. Any thoughts or suggestions on this? It's driving me crazy! I've been working on this last part for about 3 hours and can't get it. See pics.
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There are a number videos about the short cable issue on youtube; you might review them and decide, what is the best solution, to the problem.

When i installed the repair kit from VW; i struggled to get the cable on but used the “bicycle chain” method, using some needle nose pliers in the notches if the pulley, to get the cable on as i turned the pulley, which got the cable on (a second person; helping can be helpful). While some videos show modifying the cable; i found i didn’t need to.

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