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When I bought this car (2010) a year ago I knew the window was broken along with several other repairs I would need to make. I purchased the track assembly complete from an aftermarket company (dorman I think). The factory assembly is rivoted to the sub-plate and needed to be drilled out (I guessing many who have changed this already know this). The new assembly came with bolts for re-assembly. When I did this repair about a year ago all seemed good (bolts inside toward window and nuts toward door panel as directions showed. However, after re-assembling the door panel I always felt the switch felt funny. Often times when I push the button to raise/lower the window if seemed to stick. For a while I thought it to be a faulty switch.
So I finally pulled the panel off last week to get a good look at things again. It turns out the nut from the new track assembly actually was hitting the back of the window switch. Since I did not want to take everything apart, I was able to grind the nut and stud down making it much thinner, and that is all it took to add clearence to the switch. I will post pictures later but thought I would share this in case anyone else had the same switch issue after installing an aftermarket assembly.


When I popped the switches out I saw the nut over the motor lines up with the upper switch
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