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Window Tint

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I Have A Black Nb With Tan Interior I Have Tint 5% In Rear 25% I Think In The Fronts And The Dealership Scratched The Rear Side Tint They Were 5% But They Look Like 35% Any Ways I Still Can See Really Good Into The Car In The Day. I See Other Nb With Dark Tint And Can Barely See Inside But It Still Looks Like It Can Be Legal. What Do I Need To Get To Get Mine Like That Anybody Know!!!
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um....ok I think I know what you're asking. You want it to be real dark, but still be legal, right? If so...I don't think so. I think most tints have to be at least 35%, depending where you live. Otherwise, you'll need a doctor's note or have some reason why you need such a dark tint - or risk getting pulled over :p

edit: You're in Florida I see, they can have darker tint: front is 28%, back and rear can be 15%. That's pretty dark I think, but you're already darker than that. I guess the only other thing I can say is good luck!
Lighter colored interiors will always make it look like the tint is not dark enough unless you go with 5% all around or "limo" tint. Also, if you have a sun roof, the extra lighting from there will make dark tint look lighter.

I have a black leatherette interior and I am going to go with 5% on the rear hatch and 20% on all the others. My state law says we can have any tinting on the rear window and 35% everywhere else but I am going to chance it anyways. I've never seen or heard of a cop using a light meter to check tint so it's all based upon personal judgement (or if they're in a bad mood or not).
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