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Windows, trunk, now wont start.

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I have a 04 vw beetle convertible all of my power windows stopped working the heated mirror switch and the trunk wont open, i drove the car home after all that went out i parked the car and went back out to start my car a few hours later and now it will not start, it cranks and turns over just wont start, anyone have an idea on what is causing this issue? The car only has 72,000 miles on it and im ready to get rid of it
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Basics: year (2004), model (convertible), engine type and trans type?

A non start could be a number of issues; a car needs a number of things to be correct, to successfully start: adequate fuel pressure, charged battery, ignition spark and compression.

A common issue with these cars, is the immobilizer can come on (usually a flashing light in the speedo cluster, this is the built security system); it will start for a couple of seconds and die.

A scan for trouble codes; may reveal, codes that may give you an idea, why the car won’t start.

Let us know, if the immo light is blinking, it starts, then stalls after a couple of seconds or if you are willing to try to fix the problem yourself or seek professional help, to diagnose the problem and complete needed repairs? (Do you have anyone to help you) or are you comfortable doing “diy” repairs? Thanks!

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I do all repairs myself i was raised working beside my daddy repairing cars. But vw bug is a pain. So anyway thank you for replying to this first off, but the only light on is my check engine light i have checked fuses plugs, fuel, all that looks good, so im just stuck, so any help I'd appreciate greatly. I wonder if resetting the computer myself might help?
So, this is a modern German vehicle and so, the basics are the same of any car but things like the immobilizer, add complexity to things and having a vw scan tool, can almost be a requirement.

Basics: year (2004), model (convertible), engine type and trans type does your New Beetle have?

1. is the immobilizer blinking; when you try to start the car? (it will be a icon with a key and a silhouette of a beetle body).

2. is there ignition spark at the spark plug? (you could pull the plug; ground it to the head and have a helper, observe the spark at the plug or video it with your phone, while you turn the engine over). Ideally, a helper would make things easier but I have recorded video,when I have been stuck alone by myself working on a car.

3. Is there adequate fuel pressure; you could spray some starter fluid into the hose that is connected to the air box and see if the engine starts. If it does, then you have a fuel delivery related problem and testing for fuel pressure, would be a test you could do.

4. Do you have a scan tool; that you can scan for trouble codes with? If so, what trouble codes; are in the memory of the ecu?

5. how is the battery charge; is the starter spinning fine and at normal speed?

Help us, help you; if we can get some answers and start a good, positive, back and forth discussion, we can walk you through things to test and hopefully, get you back on the road. Thanks.
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